About Our Communities of Practice

Opportunities for State Teams

States, districts, and schools continue to grapple with an array of ongoing and emerging needs and challenges while also seeing unprecedented levels of funding to support change. The pandemic–and the influx of incredible amounts of stimulus funding to support education–present state and local leaders and their community partners with a unique opportunity to innovate in ways that support improvements and accelerate student academic and developmental outcomes. Each of the Communities of Practice outlined below offers state teams a chance to connect with peers and experts as they work on specific issues relevant to their context.

These communities will support State Education Agencies (SEA) and their partners (e.g. Local Educational Agencies, Regional Comprehensive Centers, and state or community partners) as they engage around specific problems of practice. Grounded in Continuous Improvement and Implementation Science, the communities will help state teams learn from each other while tailoring their own approaches.

Communities of Practice

Evidence-Based Interventions: Using ARP Resources to Accelerate Learning

Participants will build their organizational capacity to adopt evidence-based practices for learning acceleration using the American Rescue Plan (ARP) State and Local Education Agency (LEA) set-asides for interventions such as high-dosage tutoring and expanded learning time. This Community will address students’ academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs with a focus on students most impacted by the pandemic.

Strategic Use of Summer and Afterschool Set Asides

State teams and their partners will work to address individualized problems of practice related to accelerating learning through summer and afterschool, as well as developing mechanisms for continuous program improvement. There will be a combination of asynchronous team planning activities and synchronous peer learning opportunities which will include thought leadership from experts and national partners.

Driving Toward Equity Through School Improvement

State teams will build their capacity to strengthen systems of support for low performing districts and schools [Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) and Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI)] through the use of the National Academy of Sciences equity framework. There will be a combination of asynchronous and synchronous activities that will support SEA leaders in applying equity indicators in their systems of support and accountability for CSI and TSI schools.